Monday, September 30, 2013

The Hills Are Alive...

The hills were alive with the sound of shameless tourists, though none of them were quite as shameless as yours truly.


 (See? Shameless! )

That’s right. I finally made the pilgrimage to Salzburg, Austria. It was a trip I’d been dreaming about ever since I saw The Sound of Music for the first time as a five-year-old. I can still hardly believe it happened. After fifteen years of practicing my Do-Re-Mis and listing off my favorite things in my living room, I got my Von Trapp on in actual Salzburg.

Now, being a Dutch girl, I’m not usually one to shell out my precious cash to go on sightseeing tours, but when I discovered the Fraulein Maria Bicycle Tour on an internet travel site, I decided to make an exception. And I’m so glad I did.

For four hours, we pedaled around Salzburg’s winding streets, stopping at all The Sound of Music filming locations for photo ops and picking up plenty of fun facts about both the movie and the city itself along the way. Here are a few highlights:

I couldn’t resist a little Julie Andrews-style twirling in those gorgeous Salzburg hills.
Maria splashes in the fountain pictured here during the song “I Have Confidence.” I tried to splash my hand in it, too, but I was actually too short to reach the water. . .

This is the entrance to the Nonnberg Abbey. Maria walks through this gate when she first leaves the nunnery for the Von Trapp house.

Just hanging out in front of the Von Trapp house from the movie. See that gate I'm touching? Julie Andrews touched that gate in the movie! So I have actually touched the same metal as Julie Andrews!!! 

Von Trapp house #2. This one was used as the back of the house. This is also the lake where the children's boat tips over. Fun fact: the girl who played Gretyl couldn’t swim, and nearly drowned during the filming of that scene.

If you’ve ever seen the movie, I shouldn’t need to tell you what this is (it’s the famous gazebo where Leisl sings about being “Sixteen going on Seventeen”). This is also the backdrop for the captain’s proposal to Maria. 

The Von Trapp children run through this grove during Do-Re-Mi. In classic tourist fashion, I decided to follow in their footsteps.

This fountain is also featured in Do-Re-Mi. 
I wrapped up my day in Salzburg with a stop at this bridge, which makes an appearance in Do-Re-Mi as well.
Salzburg was just as wonderful as I always imagined it would be, but by the end of my day there, I was exhausted. Putting up my feet has never felt so good. 


  1. Grandma R says she is very happy to have heard from you and seeing the pictures, please be careful and stay safe. We miss you but it looks like you are having a ball !

  2. OH Grace! I LOVED these pictures! I'm thrilled to see how happy you are and how you are embracing this amazing experience! Blessings!